It is a requirement for key Technical Officials to be Police Vetted to be on pool deck under our Police Vetting Policy and Member Protection Policy for the safety of our members.

Technical Officials that need to be Police Vetted are - Referees, Judges of Stroke, Inspector of Turns, and Starters. All these will be Technical Voting Members on the database and need to have a current Police Vet accreditation on their profile.

At this stage timekeepers, the chief timekeeper, marshalls, and those in the control room do not need to have a Police Vet accreditation.

Any persons undertaking technical training should have a profile on the SNZ database and start the police vetting process.

Police  Vetting is carried out by:

FOR COACHES - Henrietta Latham (Swim Coaches and Teachers NZ) - exec@sctnz.com

FOR VOLUNTEERS, STAFF AND OFFICIALS - Tonya Osborne (Swimming New Zealand) - policevetting@swimming.org.nz